Sandwich Reviews

‘Sandwich’ directed by M.S.Manu and scripted by Ratheesh Sukumaran released with above average welcome on releasing centres. The movie is produced bu M.C.Arun and Sudeep Karatand Rejaputra brings it on bigscreens. ‘Sandwich’ picks a much familiar theme and attempts to add some sparkle to it with Youth hero Kunchakko Boban and unleashing Suraj Venjarammoodu. There are some nice moments in between but mostly, the story goes along on highly predictable lines. The film is peppered with tasty jokes of a family. Kunchako Boban is incredibly charming , and brings in a comic adorability to the character that he plays. His dialogue delivery is near perfect, and his pleasant looks complement the character even further. Suraj Venjarammood try his best to tickle the funny bones with usual buffoonery, but generally fall flat at some levels. He is fine during the initial scenes but the humorous scenes look stale after a while. Ananya is tremendously charming and impressive. Richa Panai, is just about okay. Ganesh Kumar, Vijayakumar, Lalu Alex, Biju Pappan, Jayakrishnan lend ample support. The rest of the cast are pretty good in their respective roles as well, and do whatever little they have to do with confidence. What is really embarrassing is the song picturisation. In the song ‘Kombulla Maane…’, Kunchako Boban and Ananya steps on different style while the director changes the mood with another romantic song ‘Panineer Chempakangal’ which the hero pairs with Richa Panai. The make-believe effect might have been intentional and interesting. As a debutante director M.S.Manu wisely handled the plenty of unbelievable plot points in the movie , who makes a confident debut creating a decent comedy, though most of the twists in tale are, as usual, predictable. Equally appreciable is Manu’s choice of his leading actor. Kunchako Boban rocks in ‘Sandwich’. The script by Ratheesh Sukumaran perks us up initially but the excitement wanes after a while. The technical sides of the movie are also fine with Pradeep Nair creating some fine visuals, while Boban’s art direction and DonMax’s cuts are also mentionable. Music by Jayan Pisharadi are at least a couple are hummable and suits well with the mood of the flick. Don’t embark on theatres to see something extraordinary, but for another regular comedy flick that don’t tax your brains too much. If your idea is going to theatres for entertainment and timepass , well, ‘Sandwich’ could turn out to be a watchable fare. ‘Sandwich’ is a simple small movie, with enjoyable moments, definitely worth for a onetime watch. All in all, leave your brains at home and taste ‘Sandwich’. Verdict: Watchable.

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