Schwarzenegger Doesn’t Care If You Smoke A Joint:

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (it still feels weird saying that) went on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (it still feels wrong saying that) to talk about something. What they ended up talking about was marijuana. The sticky icky. Pot. Weed. Grass. The greens. Mary Jane. Ganja. Cannabis. THC. Trees. Herb. Wacky Tobacky. White Rhino. Pineapple Express. Kansas Ditch Weed. Dope. Poke smot. Purple Kush. Any other word that has some resemblance to plants, the color green, or references the Grateful Dead.

Basically he said why he opposed Proposition 19 (which California voters turned down) was because of the wording not the idea behind it. He doesn’t mind that weed has already been decriminalized for being caught with under an ounce to basically receiving the equivalent of a speeding ticket (he signed the bill after all). I mean Schwarzenegger has toked himself (see the picture). He just didn’t like the wording of Prop 19 and thought it went too far. Then Schwarzenegger went on the record saying:

“No one cares if you smoke a joint.”

Which is totally usable in court, I presume.

Wooo! I mean, booo! How dare they! What if these kids are smoking a bowl? What about an elaborate bong that only has a small amount in there but the glass is blown, man? What about gravity bongs? Blunts? Is it cool if I make something out of an apple? Are those gas mask bongs kosher? How about an old corn pipe? Can I blend some in and make a spliff? I swear I have glaucoma, these are special brownies. And what if you can’t roll a joint? Those sucks are hard to roll and you gotta lick the paper. This is just an outrage.

Source: TMZ

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