Seema Tapakai Movie Review

Banner: Wellfare Creations
Cast: Poorna, Allari Naresh
Music: Vandemataram Srinivas
Producer: G Nageshwara Reddy
Direction: Vijay Prasad Malla

Allari Naresh, who has been consistently delivering hits in his ‘zone’, is back with Seema Tapakai. Directed by G. Nageswara Reddy, Seema Tapakaya attracted comedy film lovers with fun filled trailers. Audience expected a laugh riot out of this. Read on Seema Tapakai Review…


Sri Krishna (Allari Naresh) is the son of a multimillionaire (Sayaji Shinde). He falls in love with the girl named Satya (Poorna) who hates millionaires and serves the poor. Sri Krishna bluffs her that he is a poor man and also makes his family to act like poor people. But he doesn’t know about Satya’s background which will put him and his family in furthermore trouble.


Like all Allari Naresh films, Seema Tapakai is also made with single agenda i.e. to make audience laugh. G. Nageswara Reddy succeeded up to some extent in making this film a ‘laugh riot’. But it turned out to be a ‘riot’ as it headed towards the climax. Whole film drives on a single point and that is the reason why it turns tiresome after the first hour.

Scenes and situations too didn’t help much. Many gags failed to tickle and the characterizations, writing let the film down. What’s more painful is ST turns sentimental all of a sudden as ‘glycerin rain’ pours down for almost fifteen minutes at a stretch

Scenes involving Jaya Prakash Reddy and the parody on recent hit songs pulled the film from ending up as a disaster. On a whole, Seema Tapakai is just another Allari Naresh flick which doesn’t need immediate attention. You can happily wait for the DVD.


Allari Naresh is in his usual self. He is supremely confident as an actor now. His lengthy dialogue on rich and poor is worth a whistle. Poorna resembles Asin in many angles.

Her performance is okay and she didn’t hesitate to show off her assets. However, Poorna needs to concentrate on her physique and slim down immediately if she is hoping for a longtime career in Tollywood. The characterization of heroine is the most irksome part in this movie. She continues to mouth the same dialogues throughout leaving audience in agony.

Sayaji Shinde is good. Nagineedu is wooden. Brahmanandam’s comedy hardly clicks. LB Sriram is Okay. Vennela Kishore has few light moments. Rest of the star cast did their bit.


Vandemataram Srinivas’s music is not bad. But excessive usage of rap mix is not required. Most of the songs are picturized in same fashion. Much talked about Akasamlo Oka Taara remix is pathetic at best. Marudhuri Raja dialogs hardly evokes laughs. Cinematography and editing are up to the standards of a low budget film.

Director Nageswara Reddy tried to make this film another faction comedy ala Seema Sasthri but he ended up making just half of it.

Plus Points:

– Few comedy scenes in the first hour
– Allari Naresh
– A couple of dance numbers

Minus points:

– Comedy scenes failed to tickle
– Dragging second hour

Final Word: Seema Tapakai – This cracker lacks the spark and sound!

Box office predictions:

It is made on a low budget and hence has a chance to recover the production cost if the masses lap it up.

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