Seniors Review

Movie : Seniors

Release Date :2011 January

Director :Pokkiri Raja fame Vaishakh

Film produced by : Vaishakh Rajan

Star Cast: Jayaram,  Kunchakko Boban,  Manoj K Jayan, Biju Menon,Ananya

Music : Jassy Gift Alphonse and Alex paul

Story :

The story revolves around a campus where four Senior students coming back to campus after 14 years.

A movie telling a campus story,  that too from the director who had created the biggest hit of 2010 in ‘Pokkiriraja’…. one cannot be blamed for expecting a rocking entertainer. With a cast lines that have earlier never been grouped together ,  ‘Seniors’ aroused a lot of expectations. The big question is does it deliver, what it promised to be  in its promos and posters?…Yes, the answer is a big ‘Yes’.Packing in everything that you expect and relate to in a teen flick, ‘Seniors’ is a heavy duty stuff that appeal to the sensibilities of generation X.

The movie is all about four friends Pappu alias Padmanabhan, Idikkula, Rex and Munna (played by Jayaram,Biju menon,Kunchakko and Manoj k Jayan respectively) who decides to get back to their studies, after a gap of 12 years. The four had to discontinue their college life following a tragedy that happened amidst a college festival and Pappu was then sentenced to a jail term for twelve years.Now back from Jail,  Pappu wants to start everything from where they have missed it and the other three supports him but giving a break to their jobs and joining the college for M A philosophy.But little did they surmise that their new college life was an attempt to unravel something that laid mysteriously beneath, for long.

The director in Vysakh needs a good applause for making ‘Seniors’ a watchable movie as this was not an easy script to direct.He has came a long way from ‘Pokkiriraja’ and displays his mastery of telling a complicated narrative without giving you a feel of that. His plotting of emotions from Scene A to Z is well structured and has created  a very interesting climax, which stands brilliant wholly due to its execution, rather than its predictability and content.

It will be of surprise to realize that ‘Seniors is also scripted by Sachi-sethu, who penned a drastic downer in the recent ‘Doubles’.This time they held fast to their task creating a movie that will definitely keep you glued to the seats. The story moves in a serpentine manner, with flashbacks and references about happenings that becomes clear only by the culmination. . Of course, there are minor aberrations, but the finale packs in a solid punch. Dialogues are simple; they don’t get flowery at any point. There is plenty of fun in the former half, and Suraj comes up with his routine slapstick to fill the void in the later half, where the proceedings get serious.

The four Seniors were really effective, bringing in lots of sparkle and shine to the film.Biju menon is the pick of the lot, who hasn’t worked in many comic capers, but handles his part confidently, with most of his comedies coming out really well. Manoj K Jayan as a flirty Munna slips into the roles with remarkable ease.Jayaram has very few one liners to tickle your funny bone but plays  to the demands of his role.Kunchakko Boban once again displays his newly found maturity as an improved actor.The others in the cast including Padmapriya, Siddhique, Vijayaraghavan and Ananya are in their regular moulds, but suit the roles they are on.

In the technical front, Shaji’s cinematography is of superior quality and never bores you with his frames, though much of the movie is shot in the college campus. The two songs by Jassie Gift and Alphonse sounded well on first hear, but the background tracks by Gopisundar was a scream and is in perfect sync with the mood of the film. Also is the track set by Alphonse that becomes the BG of the play’ carmen’ enacted on the stage.

‘ Seniors ‘will definitely score big time for its skillful performances and the superb execution of the subject. This is an entertainer that has something for everyone. So be at the movies houses for a movie that has the potential to rock big time.

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