Sevens movie review

After the super hit film Christian Brothers Joshi is back with some stars. But they are not the superstars of Malayalam film industry. But they are the rising stars. With some good youngsters Joshi is back with the movie Sevens. The rising stars and the new stars are the main attraction of Sevens. Kunchako Boban is doing a very important role in Sevens. The rising sensational star Asif Ali is also in the film to attract his fans.
Story of Malayalam movie Sevens
Sevens tell the story of seven football players. Sevens football is common in Kerala especially in Malappuram and Calicut districts. These seven players are done by actors Kunchakko Boban, Asif ali, Nivin Pauly, Rejath Menen, Aju Varghese, Vijeesh and Ameer Niyaz. But the theme of the movie is not about football. Football and its scenarios are only in the first half of the movie. The movie mainly deals with the problems faced by the youngsters in Kerala.

Some issues were created in a football match and these Sevens team assault an opponent player Aravindhan(Vineeth Kumar) due to some misunderstanding. He was seriously injured and admitted to hospital. Later they understand the fault and decided to help Aravindhan. But unfortunately huge amount was needed for his surgery. So for making money sevens team started “quotation” work with the help of Habeeb(Maniyan Pilla Raju). They were forced to do “quotation” work again due to some other problems. But later they understand the danger which is hidden in “quotation” work and stops their work. But the after effects and victims of quotation work still follows them eventhough they have stopped the work. Then the film progress with the problems faced by these team members.
Review of Malayalam movie Sevens

The movie is not an excellent movie, but it is entertaining and is a good time pass movie. The movie also goes with a good pace. Joshi has tried to include some thrilling scenes which makes the movie an entertaining one. The script writer Iqbal Kuttipuram has also done a good job and given a good pace to scenes.

The casting of the movie was also superb. All youngsters has done a good job. Another noticeable thing in Sevens in Kunchako Boban’s acting. He has shown his full sincerity to the roll and has impressed the audience. The rising superstar Asif Ali has was also impressive. If you have to entertain for two and half hours go and watch the movie.
Quick Verdict of Malayalam movie Sevens

Script- Good.
Entertainment- Excellent.
Rating- 5/10.
Recommends- If you need an entertainment for two and half hours go and watch Sevens.

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