Son Of Satyamurthy Movie Review



Viraj Anand [Allu Arjun] is Son of Satyamurthy [Prakashraj], who leads a care free life till his life gets shattered with unexpected death of his father, also his engagement gets cancelled. Satyamurthy, Europe’s Richest businessman is a man of principles and keeps donating the needy. Anand seeks responsible for clearing his dad’s debts and shifts to India along with family. Anand take up wedding planner job and meets Sameera aka Subba Lakshmi [Samantha], in one of his assignments and falls in love at first sight. Sameera’s father [Rajendra Prasad] throws an open challenge to Anand and he shifts his base to Village. Anand meets Village strong man Devaraj [Upendra] to accomplish this challenge, where Anand is asked to marry his sister Nithya Menon.

Did Anand win Sameera’s hand? Watch S/O Satyamurthy to know what is Adah Sharma’s role in SOS.


Allu Arjun has set-up new heights for himself. He is a feast to watch almost in every scene. Bunny proves his potential in emotional, love and action sequences and carries the whole film on his shoulders.

Samantha is glamorous and easily carried the comedy bits with good timing. Adah Sharma and Nithya Menon have done their parts well. All the heroines looked beautiful in their roles.

Upendra is given a key role and he brings in much depth to the character along with Sneha and Kota Srinivasa Rao.

Rajendra Prasad played a pivotal role in the movie. Especially his scenes with Brahmanandam in second half will tickle your funny bones. Ali did justice to his role.

Vennela Kishore is merely wasted. Good to see late MS Narayana in his trade mark drunkered role, notwithstanding dubbing disappoints.

Technical Analysis:

Trivikram Srinivas has to be appreciated for bringing up a routine entertainer in an bankable way. Kudos to him for neatly presenting such an entertainer with huge cast mostly A-stars. Thanks to his experience that he gave meaningful roles for almost everyone.

Screenplay could have been better, as the movie turns predictable after a point, also given that it becomes preachy in parts and a bit lengthy too. Though Trivikram’s tinge is missing, certain dialogues are well written.

Devi Sri Prasad’s songs are well composed and lavishly pictured. Background music gels with the screenplay. Cinematography is one more highlight of SOS, all the frames are well captured with good colour tone. The variation in the scenes captured in International, India and Village locales is excellent.

Editing could have been better with respect to running time and slow paced first half.

S Radha Krishna of Haarika & Haasine Creations have lavishly produced Son of Satyamurthy with high human values.


Trivikram did what he is good at, a little fast paced narration could make a difference. Neat performances by top notch stars, more clarity to Nithya’s role and importance to Vennala Kishore is apprehended. Comparatively, first half seems okay with emotional journey and literally less comedy, whereas the second half is par excellence.

Everything is said. Go watch Son of Satyamurthy, as very rarely you get to see all your favourite stars at once on screen.

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