Super telugu movie review

Movie: Super
Director :Upendra
Producer :Rockline Venkatesh
Cast :Upendra, Nayanthara, Tulip Joshi, Sudarshan, Shylashree, G.V. , Sadhu Kokila

This is a film with a purpose. The moral is passed on to the present generation style. The CM does not mean chief minister here but Common Man! Upendra in this high sound cinema with lavish style, extravaganza in each and every department shows how well he can handle cinema.

The amount of risk taken in narrating a ‘multifaceted’ cinema needs guts. Upendra has that for this film. The film is not just a love and hate relationship with the heroine. It is something beyond. Had this film come three months in advance Upendra would have earned another feather in the cap!

What happened in the Karnataka politics in the last three months Upendra has stored in his camera six months ago! The film is releasing now and that is the difference. Coming to another angle of futuristic thoughts of Upendra he takes revenge on the British rule after 60 years of Independence. He makes them beggars at the hands of Indians. In the last but a very important the focus he makes – the need to love ourselves, our place and our people. He has emphasized the thought immensely in the film.

Jai Ho for the Upendra and Rockline combination! The 25th film of Rockline Productions is terrific in all areas. The only shortfall of this film is that the film is crowded with people on screen and loaded with issues but all of them convincingly told.

What is wonderful in this dexterous director Upendra is the multifaceted ideas he stitches to the scenes so well without giving a feeling that the things are unconnected.

Subash Chandra Gandhi (Upendra) owning a company ‘Gandhi and Gandhi’ in London is a true Indian. His moves are always for the good of India. When he meets a folk troupe stranded in London he shows complete sympathy and the lady with traditional look Indira (Nayanthara) attracts SC Gandhi. Soon it is marriage of SC Gandhi with Indira and all surprises opens up. Indira is in London to take revenge on SC Gandhi. This twist is interesting for the audience.

Enters another beautiful lady Mandira (Tulip Joshi) saved in the last minute by SC Gandhi from falling into the wrong company in London. This Mandira is nobody but the elder sister of Indira. Indira is on a wrong assumption that SC Gandhi is responsible for the Coma status of Mandira.

Indira when asked by SC Gandhi the flashback opens but Gandhi did not know that Mandira is in Coma. On the first night the war of words between Gandhi and Indira leads to further complications. Indira attacks Gandhi on his opulence and asks him to live like an ordinary man in India.

Accepting this challenge SCGandhi come to Bangalore and he faces uphill task. The common people suffering in India opens his mind. He draws the huge money from London and forms his own hardware company. That is nothing but a company filled with rowdies in the high tech style.

The story takes a different turn and SC Gandhi countering all politicians and purchases them without elections nd becomes the chief minister of the state. After becoming the chief minister of the state using his money power the two things he announces is the sale of the State and Rape of Indira.

This is something startling for the audience! Before announcing the Rape of his own wife, SC Gandhi traces Mandira in Coma situation and kidnaps her. This kidnap drama further interests the audience.

The Chief Minister of the state plays a different game in selling the state. He makes the common man very powerful from it and happily seen with Indira in the village cultivating lands. How Indira patched up with SC Gandhi her husband is an interesting twist you have to watch it on the screen.

One needs the power of Hercules to make this kind of cinema. How the director Upendra manages with twists and keep the audience glued to the seats is worth appreciating.

Upendra is fabulous in dialogue delivery, style and in his direction he is ‘Super’. The element of loving the country and keeping us comfortable with unity and integrity he focuses deserves some awards for him.

Nayanthara in her debut in Kannada is not only graceful in her appearance. With excellent dubbing done to her role this is a performance oriented role where she wins every time she appear on screen. Tulip Joshi as Mandira has nothing much to boast. Her revealing costume in one song is a bonus to front benchers.

Sudarshan and GV are OK. Sadhu Kokila and Ali combination is a perfect match. Both as ‘Chaddi Brothers’ cajoling the ruling party like Reddy Brothers give a laughing time.

The film is on lavish scale from Rockline Venkatesh – 25th film of the noted producer is well formed one. The implementation of thoughts in the futuristic style of the director and the spending made on this film does not go waste. This is the style needed for the masses and Upendra and Rockline Venkatesh have understood right.

All the songs in the film are with a number of dancers. The top of the five is Sikkapatte Ishta Patte….Upendra touching the earth saying looking at Nayanthara has two meanings. Come on, the director is right one because Upendra is in his come back after 10 years.

A song in London using Misuse, misunderstand, mistake etc is well conceived. Tulip Joshi is not only daring in this song but also the dancers. V Harikrishna is the winner once again in the music department. He is already the No.1 music director.

Ashok Kashyap’s cinematography is not short of anything but brilinace. Showcasing the foreign locations, capturing the hundreds of characters in his lenses, Kashyap deserves awards.

On the editing front and special effects, the film grabs good attention and makes audience to watch every scene without fail.

A mass entertainer aimed at every class of society. Watch this unfailingly!

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