Movie :Suryakireedom
Director:George Kithu
Producer:Big Ben Films
Cast :Indrajith, Shammi Thilakan, Remya Nambeeshan, Nitya Das

Recent Malayalam film releases include action-based films, love stories, comedy flicks, sports flicks and action sci-fi thrillers. In order to provide some difference, George Kithu has come up with a ghost thriller, Suryakireedom. Indian horror movies generally include features such as wailing banshees, women in white walking with a candle, deformed monsters, half-clad women, creaky gates enveloped in fog… Suryakireedom is another such horror movie which involves the story of four girls, Pooja (Remya Nambeeshan), Merlin, Aswathy and Neethu who come to stay in a very big old bungalow called Maalika Veedu, which means a silent hermitage, for their holidays.

During Pooja’s birthday celebrations in the house, they are in search of a ring, when they happen to enter one of the rooms of the house where they find an ancient box. Pooja finds a blue sapphire ring in the room. This is when they start observing strange things happening around. A servant of the house, Nandhu, disappears.

Soon, Pooja falls sick. To cure her, her father (Subair) seeks the help of his close friend and known Tantric Vishnu Narayanan (Shammi Thilakan). He helps in discovering the story of the house that took place around five years ago. The story behind the house is that Ananthan Thampuran and Madhavi Thampuraty lived in the house with their son, Sivaram (Indrajith) and Sivaram’s cousin, Urmilla. Sivaram, who had done his studies in metaphysics, has been practicing black magic ever since then. After getting married to Jayakrishanan, Urmilla and her husband were found dead in the house. In order to seek revenge, Urmilla, in the form of a ghost, had entered Pooja’s body. Will she ever leave Pooja’s body?

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