The date will be announced soon:Prabhu Deva

The enigma continues and gets even more confounding. That’s how Prabhu Deva likes to play it.

Prabhu Deva has finally broken his silence about his marriage with Nayanthara through a press release.

In an exclusive chat with, he opens up: “I have always been personal about my private space. There are some things that you wouldn’t like to discuss or reveal to the whole world. But today I feel that there are too much written and spoken about us and our marriage”

Prabhu and Nayanthara is the most discussed love story in south India. Let’s rewind and look back at how it all started. Prabhu and Nayan camaraderie began developing on the sets of Villu, so much so that they were even said to be seeing each other all the time.

Prabhu’s affair with Nayan, his split with wife Ramlath followed by divorce, the huge alimony paid to her, Nayan tattooing Prabhu’s name on her wrist, her quitting movies at the peak of her career and recent conversion to Hinduism was all fodder to the media.

However, in spite of the entire attention and media glare, the couple stayed away from giving any interviews or sound bytes.

Says Prabhu: “Today, we have been reading reports about the date, time, venue of our marriage from newspapers and Internet. All I have to say is that, we will get married soon and the date will be announced as soon as it gets fixed”.

Ask a reticent Prabhu on what he likes the best about her and pat comes the reply: “She is a very giving person and she loves me a lot. She left her career at the peak, for our love. We had also decided that if any good offer, like Sri Ramarajyam comes her way she will take it up, if the project gets over before our marriage”

His answer to whether he’d want to keep the marriage under the wraps: “Why would I want to do that? I will announce it to the world when the right time comes”.

Is he a perfect lover? Prabhu retorts: “Yes, I am and she’s my leveller. It’s sometimes nice to be tolerated for being imperfect. That’s what love is and that’s what makes our life interesting.”

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