The Don


Cast: Dileep, Gopika, Lal, Lalu Alex, Shammi Thilakan, Sai Kumar, Bheeman Raghu,
Direction: Shaji Kailash
Production: Chandrakumar
Music: Mohan Sitara

“The Don”, an Onam release directed by Shaji Kailash and starring Dileep, is a cocktail of several films.

Dileep has been trying to graduate as a full-fledged action hero with films like “Runway” and “Lion” – both directed by veteran Joshiy. These films got a mixed response at the box office.

It was Dileep’s long cherished dream to work with stylish director Shaji Kailash, but he seems to have gained nothing from this film.

One expected to see Dileep play a strong character, but he is reduced to becoming a caricature of what an action hero is. He sure won’t like to remember this role.

The story is about Unnikrishnan (Dileep), who spent his entire childhood in a juvenile home for killing his uncle, the murderer of his parents
One day Unnikrishnan saves the life of a do-gooder, Kasim Baba (Lal), after an elaborate fight sequence with flash cuts and freeze frames that invite more boos than claps.

As expected, Unnikrishnan becomes Kasim Baba’s most trusted man who re-christens him as Salaam, just to make him comfortable in an orthodox Muslim household.

Next, the Baba is killed by his detractors and Salaam is charged with the murder. In the second half, we are shown how Salaam gets even with his enemies and reclaims Baba’s position.

The only part that seems to be interesting is when comedian Harisree Asokan makes an appearance to help the hero in jail.

Even the villains are mere replicas of what we have seen in a lot of other films, whether it is Sai Kumar with a funny hairdo or Shammi Thilakan.

It may be better for Dileep to stop trying to become an action hero.

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