The Metro movie review

Movie : The Metro
Director : Bipin Prabhakar
Music : Shaan Rahman
Cast :Sarath Kumar, Nivin Pauly, Bhavana

Director Bipin Prabhakar and debutant writer Vyasan Edavanakad’s The Metro intertwines three incidents happening in Kochi. The main focus is the coldblooded murder of a young politician, then a brawl at a restaurant that turns ugly and finally, a five member group of youngsters who becomes part of the muddle just by chance. Well, the basic plot shows promise and there are some nice moments as well, but the film as a whole fails to make much of an impact.

CI Jacob Alexander (Sarath Kumar) is a one man army against the politician-underworld nexus in Kochi and invites the wrath of the powerful and the mighty. He is all set to nab the dreaded don Paruthikkadan Shaji (Suresh Krishna), who killed a young politician Jaimy Padamadan.

Meanwhile five youngsters led by Harikrishnan (Nivin Pauly), who has come from the Gulf on a vacation, goes for a trip from Thiruvilwamala to Pala. While having food at a restaurant, they save a techie named Anupama (Bhavana), from a gang who tries to run away with her bag. Later, the boys have a nice time in Pala but on the way back, things go horribly wrong, when some unexpected happenings change their lives forever.

Vyasan Edavanakkad’s script takes some sweet time, especially in the first half, to find its focus. But the film looks more engaging in the second half. Still, a highly conventional narration, the surprisingly predictable developments and the scenes and dialogues which have been taken straight out of many old movies disappoints in general. The visuals are fine and the music is okay in parts.

Sarath Kumar, who became quite a sensation by playing the character Edachena Kunkan in Pazhassi Raja, looks totally out of place and his dubbed voice (by Biju Menon) doesn’t help things either. Suresh Krishna is fine as the tough don and so is the five member group, which includes Nivin Pauly, Bhagath Manuel, Suraj Venjarammoodu, Biyon and Arun. Bhavana has nothing much to do other than to look pretty.

Though it includes every trick in the age-old ‘commercial recipe to make a hit movie’ like fights, long dialogues and an item dance among others, The Metro gives the feeling that here is one film which could have been better. If you don’t think too much about nuances like the plot and presentation, the film may turn out to be a fine watch as well. Now the choice is yours!

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