Theen maar Movie review

Directed by : Jayanth C. Paranjee
Produced by : Ganesh Babu
Written by : Trivikram Srinivas
Starring : P awan Kalyan, Trisha Krishnan, Kriti Kharbanda , Donna
Music by : Mani Sharma
Studio : P arameshwara Arts

It ain’t an easy job, working on a remake. One has to be doubly careful to see that the people don’t have a hang over of the original, should ensure that the comparisons between the two films are a bare minimum, certain scenes when altered to suit the tastes of the local audiences should not disturb the tone of the film, that the casting is near perfect and if it is termed as a film suited for the class audiences, enough masala should be incorporated at appropriate movements to entertain the B and C class movie goers. Theen Maar works on all the above levels, the title itself being a resurrection to Pawan Kalyan’s career which was moving at a snail’s pace.

For people who are fed up with fairy tale stories, pseudo fantasy dramas and fights fought with swords and knives, and for those who have seen re-runs of mediocre movies bereft of choice and called it a commercial hit, here comes a remake that makes you recollect the joyous moments of the world cup victory and prompts you to do a Theen Maar.

Trivikram Srinivas handles the structure of the film with aplomb, he avoids the frills and director Jayant C. Paranji, the style and look of the original; finally both of them have worked towards focusing on the main conflicting point of two adults, their views, deliberation, hesitation and confusion on love and allows them the opportunity to repair their lives. They do not deviate at any point by bringing other tiny plots or multi-layered characters and keeps the attention of the people till the very end, make the story build and despite a slow pace, keeps the small sympathy alive for the hero.

When was the last time when your attention was focused on someone else other than the leading ladies and why? Pawan Kalyan’s acting is one which stands in the foreground of the film. The main attraction undeniably is his slim look, which can put any flabby hero to shame. The next part is his dances, each one of them is a treat, especially the retro and that is because the actor thoroughly enjoyed what he was doing and it showed on screen. His non-stop prattle which is there in almost every film is there here too but this one is in Italian if that is supposed to be.

To speak and carry out a long nonsensical dialogue needs confidence and a variation, Kalyan delivers the goods. The only dramatic and clichéd part of the film is the scene in the finale when the victim turns out to be the hero’s boss and offers him big money. Even if he had lost out on his job for a rescue art, the script wouldn’t have dented. Ali is there for barely a minute but his work is subtle and a real comedy.

The scene in which he pulls out his visiting card and gives it to the couple and walks away coolly but not before saying that he should be informed who the girl he is going to land with ultimately is likely to be remain etched on the audience’s mind for a long time.

Paresh Rawal adds lot of dignity to his role. The heroines haven’t got much to do, for Trisha it must have been a cake walk, but one observed that unlike the original in which Deepika Padukone dominated with her subtle acting, Trisha allowed Kalyan to take away the glory. Kriti Kharbanda did well emoting with her eyes but her face wasn’t too clear with her hair and jasmines all over her.

The audio is terrible at times as it varies between the two dual characters, the camera movement is however impressive. The music is good and with visuals it’s a roar. Jayant tosses the Italian pasta and the haridwar sentiments in a refreshing and an engaging fashion without making it too senti. On very rare occasions do structure of the story and the script blend beautifully and the performances come alive with some smart direction.

Theen Maar may be a little too old for Pawan Kalyan, Trish and Kriti but the overall content over takes any minor glitches in the story and makes it a true entertainer. It is Kalyan all the way, he starts the film off with a gusto and ends it on a high note that hits the heart. Take your pick, Micheal Velayudham or Arjun Palwai..FYI whoever may be your choice..aale baale aale baale..piccha happy le.
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