Thilakan with Mammootty’s son

After the big recent comeback of veteran star Thilakan with the movie ‘Indian rupee’, the star is suddenly back to hogging headlines. The character of Menon that Thilakan did in this movie with perfection has also reminded the rest of the industry about the grave mistake they have been doing, by distancing this great actor from the commercial films. Now as Renjith has managed to bring back the powerful star, it is none other than Anwar Rasheed, a former assistant to Renjith who will cast him in the next movie. Know who is the hero in this new Anwar Rasheed movie? It is none another than Dulkar Salman, the son of Mammootty who will be the hero of the movie in this different thriller. Anjali Menon is the scriptwriter of the movie which will be produced by Listle Stephen, famous for his experimental hits like ‘Traffic’ and ‘Chappakurisu’. This will be Dulkar Salman’s second movie after his debut in ‘Second Show’.

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  1. mammootty delivered oarscs, he too does vana padams i agree, but what you do is partiality, by not agreeing mohan lal does the same and, saying mammotty should apologize for all vana padams in malayalam’just to add, i never watched any of the above said films like, (mohanlal’s) chathurangam, thandavam, College Kumaran,flash,Rock N’ Roll,Alibhai,Mahha Samudram,Baba Kalyani and (mammooty’s) mayabazar, Mayabazar, Parunthu, (rest of them my friends dragged me into the theatre,dont blame me) Illiteracy please dont stick to this word, coz am sick and tired of hearing this. please TRY to understand that, neither mohanlal nor mammotty choose to do illitrate roles or a drummer,photographer or any. THEIR producers/directors/(and god knows whom else) chose them. and it is not mammootty’s fault or anything like that. but since you have said that as a point, my observation is, T.R.E.N.D.S. rajamanikyam and thommanum makkalum was super hits (accept the fact, and why does the literacy of the hero matters ? wont it be enough if the film gives good message?) so producers would naturally tend to make more films with mammootty in that trend. it is nothing new in malluwood, remember the times when we had to wake up to see an ad of a new film of mohanlal in which he is a thallukolly/don (or something similar) like thandavam, alibai (these are not chronologically close but i think you got my point, yes dear friend there were times of cliche mohanlal films). so please dont say anything like mammootty deliberately chose to do illetrate roles just to survive .one more thing i want to clarify- are we discussingWhether mammooty can only do stupid roles orWhy just mammootty has to appologize to malayalam for delivering vana padams while mohan lal can sit back and relax, when the fact remains that he too has done vana padams for the same malayalam ???-Coz, i really forgot the base reason for our debate due to your wrong accusations, please help me out here

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