Thilakan’s drama troupe ‘Aksharajwala’

Mollywood’s rebel actor Thilakan, who was expelled from AMMA, is back as an actor nearly 25 years after he left the theatre for cinema! The actor has launched a professional drama troupe ‘Aksharajwala’.Thilakan’s best friends director Vinayan and advocate Manilal will be managing the troupe.

Thilakan is the president. The theatre group is based in Vinayan’s hometown Ambalappuzha. Aksharajwala’s first play will be the satirical ‘Itho Daivathinte Swantham Naadu’, dealing with Kerala’s present political scenario. Thilakan will play the lead role.

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  1. To

    The Coordinator,
    Aksharajwaala Nadakakkalari, Alappuzha.

    Dear Friend,

    With great pain I would like to inform the following lines for your information please.

    Our Fine Arts society is having >150 students studying in different subjects like Drawing, Dance, Music, Chenda & Violin.

    We had booked your ” Etho.. Daivathinte Swantham Naadu” for 04 Feb 2011. With great enthusiasm we had worked day and night for the smooth functioning of the Drama, especially to see our great Actor Thilakan.

    All your supporting staff including actors except Kainakari and Thilakan had reached in time. The drama was supposed to start at 0630 PM. But with great difficulty at 0730 the Manager of the troop had announced that Thilakan has reached “Kanjiramattom” (Approx 35 Km away) and will reach in 25 minutes. With great compulsion at 0815 PM, I personally had a talk with Thilakan and he told me that he has reached at “Thiruvankulam” which is approx 15 km from “Kanjiramattom” . Will he take 45 minutes to cover a distance of 15 km?. The Manager was compelled to start the drama at 0930 PM presuming that Thilakan will reach before that. But Thilakan has reached 1 km away from our place and switched off the car and was relaxing. If he is not knowing the place can’t he inform us to come to a known place?. Then we went to that place along with your manager and brought him. Some how drama was completed. We expected that at least he will speak to the audience and tell about the circumstances which led him to be late. ( I still believe that he was having some other program during this period or else he could have informed the correct place and time in advance)

    Is he an Actor ? When a person achieve money and fame, he should be very humble and sincere to the society. How your troop is pulling on with him?

    I appreciate the patience of your Manager. If he had spoken little awkward, I am afraid none of your members or vehicles would have gone back peacefully. Thank God, the same will appreciate about “US” by your Manager also. ( Your Manager Mr. Siju may be, now knew the facts.)

    Next come about your drama. We have not expected such a below average drama from your reputed Nadakakkalari. The pronunciation of your actors were not at all clear. There was no life in acting. Children below 15 years does not have any enjoyment like comedy. There was a bomb blast at the last. But the audience did not feel at all. The theme is ridiculous. Our Fine Arts Society is having better Script Writers, Directors and Actors than this.

    About our financial burden caused by his misbehaving. Tickets sold but not paid and expected sale of tickets was amounting more than `20,000/-. (The details I had shown to your manager). The humiliation which is caused is irrecoverable. Please understand the patience of audience who took a ticket of ` 500/- and ` 150/-.

    I am sure that if I write this to Thilakan he will not read this. Please convey our grievances and if possible throw him out from all acting field. He should have been not only thrown out from “Amma” but also from all acting field. How the cinema field had digested him till now ??? Let him relax his left over life with ….. or……..

    ” Etho.. Daivathinte Swantham Naadu”


    Surendran Nair PV,
    Sree Bhadra Fine Arts Society,
    Pazhamthottam (PO), Ernakulam (dt),


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