‘Thriller’ is not Muthoot Paul murder case

B Unnikrishnan who is currently filming his latest movie ‘Thriller’ has cleared that his new flick is not based on the infamous Muthoot Paul murder case. The movie which has Prithviraj as an young commissioner, will deal with a roadside killing, which has no direct relation to the case.
Mainly concentrating on the fight between a don (played by Tamil actor Sampath) and a young police officer, the movie will also present Catherine, a Bangalore based Malayalee model as the heroine who is currently busy as a Tollywood actress.

Produced by Sabu Cherian under the banner of Ananda Bhairavi, the movie will feature Siddique, Lalu Alex, Vijayaraghavan, Prajan, Riyaz Khan, P Sreekumar and Mallika Kapoor in important roles.

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