Unni Mukundan and Ramya are the new love birds


Love affairs, gossips  and denials are not  a surprising deal in filmdom. Following the successful life of some lead stars are Unni Mukundan and Ramya Nambeeshan who seems  to have developed something between themselves. Yes, the latest reports are that the most notable young stars of Mollywood have already fallen in love. It is learned that the last shot song sequence of ‘Pathiramanal’, which had both of the stars in the lead roles were the space which had plenty of Cupid’s arrow flowing all along.

Unni Mukundan who made made a comeback of sports with Mallusingh, matches Ramya’s extended career which had her as a village girl in the initial years and then a modern, bold avatar in films like ‘Pizza’ and ‘Chappa Kurisu’. Anyhow, this story of love is sure to be of more spice in the coming days.

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