Uthamaputhiran Movie Review

Banner: Balaji Studios Pvt. Ltd
Cast: Dhanush, Genelia, Bhagyaraj, Vivek, Karunas
Direction: Mithran Jawahar
Production: Mohan Apparao, Chandra Ramesh
Music: Vijay Antony
A sparkling entertainer on a festive day. Realising that a feel-good film would create fireworks in the box-office, especially it is released on a day like Deepavali, director Mithran Jawahar and Dhanush have teamed up to present a family entertainer which is pleasant and entertaining.

The duo had created a similar impact in ‘Yaradi Nee Mohini before’. Though their chemistry failed to click in the second outing ‘Kutti’, the director-actor combo seems to have taken off from where they left in ‘Yaradi Ne Mohini’.

A cool and a casual Dhanush, Genelia with her girl-next-door-looks, an expressive Vivekh and a bunch of apt star cast make the film a memorable watch.

Though the movie has several sequences that are cliched and too predictable, a creditable show by the characters and presentation makes it engrossing. Dhanush knows the knack of picking right scripts and it is evident from his recent films that are quite different from each other.

Siva (Dhanush) is a happy-go-lucky youngster and he loves all fun under sun. But a noble and a caring soul, he volunteers to help everyone in distress. He is brought up in a large joint family.

A do-gooder, Siva along with his friends kidnaps a bride from a wedding hall. Eventually he realises later that it was the wrong pick. But the girl Pooja (Genelia) is happy being kidnapped as the marriage was being organised against her wish. Shiva is now forced to take care of her untill all issues are sorted out.

Shiva takes Pooja to his family. A small lie and she is there in his house. As it happens, she slowly wins the love and care of everyone there.

There is one emotional Ekambaram (Vivek), an accountant working in the family, who believes that he has special sub-conscious memory power. As it happens, Siva and Pooja fall for each other and all ends well.

Dhanush is impressive. His casual body language and cool dialogue delivery is apt for the role. He seems to share a good rapport with Vivek. They both continue from where they had left in ‘Padikathavan’.

The comic timing between the two is terrific and is sure to bring the roof down. Though a family entertainer, the movie has a couple of stunts sequence for Dhanush.

Genelia is tailor-made as Pooja. She is as usual funny, witty and brings innocence to the character. A bubbly Genelia gives her best getting under the skin of the role easily.

Vivek is funny as emotional Ekambaram. He speaks less and makes us laugh more. Bhagyaraj, Ashish Vidyarthi, Jayaprakash Reddy and Mayilsami chip in with their best while the likes of Rajalakshmi, Ambika and Rekha do give a decent performance.

The movie has catchy tunes by Vijay Antony especially the song ‘Ussumu Larsay…’. The re-recording is quite apt for the theme. On the whole, ‘Uthamaputhiran’ is a movie that it entertaining and feel-good from frame one. Though little lengthy, it is a film that’s worth a watch this Deepavali.

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