Director:Shajun Karyal.

The very fact that I am writing this review more than a year after the music for this film was released, is in itself a testimony for the timelessness of this album. vadakkunathan is a very special album for various reasons. Its an album which has brought back the memories of golden period of malayalam music, and also a sadder reason that its the last
album composed by the maestro Raveendran. Vadakkunathan is a befitting swansong for arguably Malayalam’s most melodious composer. Raveendran was by all ways a genius. Albums like Thenum Vayambum, Amaram, His Highness Abdullah, Ayal Katha zhuthuthukayanu, Nandanam, Mizhi Randilum and many many more…stand testimony to his calibre. And Vadakkunathan is an album which will make us realise the magnanimity of our loss. The lyrics are by Girish Putthenchery and complement the music and are excellent too. Vadakkunathan as a film, is a look back into the classical mode of movie making Malayalam movies were known for. And the music needed to complement to that genre. Now lets make an analysis of how each of Raveendrans last compositions fare up. The album has a total of 8 songs (9 technically – including a tea ad). There are five main tracks and 3 tracks are repeated again as the second version. [b]Gange… Thudiyal [\b] This is the opening song of the album, and it sets the tone for the rest of the album. This track has been sung by K J Yesudas himself in his very melodious voice. This song is quite fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable. This song is repeated inthe album this time sung by K S Chitra [b]Rating: 8.5/10[\b] [b]Oru Killi Pattumulave[\b] This is the romantic song of this album. It appears twice once as an duet by KJ Yesudas and KS Chitra and later as a solo rendition by Chitra. The tune of this song has also been used as the theme for the movie. [b]Rating: 9.5/10[\b] [b]Kalabham Tharam[\b] Thsi song is undoubtely the master piece in the album. This song has a blend of romance and devotion in it. It has been soulfully rendered by Chitra and later very devotioanlly by biju Narayanan. this song has high repitive value and has played an important part in keeping the music alive from the release of the album to the release of the movie. [b]Rating: 10/10[\b] [\b]Pahi Param Porule[\b] Is another of my favorites along with Kalabham Tharam. This very lively and soothing devotional song, sung in the praise of lord shiva has been mouthed by Manjari and Sindhu Premkumar. [\b]Rating: 9.5/10[\b] [\b]Thattaka Thattaka[\b] This is an folk oriented song and closes out the album. Its been sung by M G SreeKumar. [\b]Rating: 8/10[\b] Overall the music for this album is simply outstanding, and is quite different from the kind of music we are exposed to these days. I strongly recommend this album to every connoisseur of music. For all the joy this album provides, there is always a touch of sadness for this album is the last from a music director who has personified the face of malayalam film music [\b]Overall rating[\b]


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