Vandhaan Vendraan movie review

Movie : Vandhaan Vendraan
Director : R.Kannan
Producer : KS Srinivasan
Music : Thaman
Cast : Jiiva, Nandha, Taapsee, Santhanam

Director R. Kannan, who has given a neat entertainer in Jayamkondan and a flawless remake in Kanden Kadhalai, has got all the winning elements in his third venture. He has roped in leading young actor Jiiva and the latest sensation Taapsee and lead pair.

She has given Nandha a different role. There is also Santhanam to look after the comical aspect. Beautiful locations and soothing music are the other ingredients to make the movie enjoyable. Has he delivered a good film with all these aspects?


Vanthaan Vendraan is all about sibling war for personal and public cause. Arjun (Jiiva), who wants to marry his sweetheart Anjali (Taapsee), is desperate to meet Ramana (Nandha) the most dreaded don in Mumbai. He gets the chance to meet Ramana through his cook (Santhanam). Ramana asks him as to what does he want.

Arjun narrates his love story and the condition of his lover to marry him. Though Anjali doesn’t reciprocate Arjun’s feelings, she is ready to marry him if he could make the killer of her father surrender to the police. Ramana asks him who the man is. Arjun shocks him by sying that it was none other than Ramana himself.

Ramana, recalling that he had mistakenly shot an old man in his efforts to eliminate his arch rival, gets furious with Arjun for coming to him to send him to the jail. Raman’s henchmen beat up Arjun but he is not bothered. He keeps on insisting that Ramana should surrender to police.

The real twist in the tale is that both Ramana and Arjun are siblings, separated during their childhood due to an unsavory incident. Ramana’s anger gets manifold after knowing this fact. Arjun starts playing strategic game to corner Raman. The rest of the movie deals with what happened to the brothers and Anjali.

Script Review

As we have mentioned above director Kannan has got all the ingredients. He has also brought in a different twist (hero pleading the don to surrender to get his dream fulfilled) but he has failed to narrate it in an interesting manner. The childhood incidents are too long to relish and the romantic sequences lack any chemistry between the lead pair while the locations provide visual treat, the song sequences in the first half are misplaced and boring. The way Arjun corners Ramana, who is said to be the most dreaded don of Mumbai, looks like a comedy piece. Anjali’s refusal of Arjun’s love doesn’t sound reasonable and her condition is quite unfair.

Cast Review

Jiiva doesn’t have any challenge and hence he couldn’t add any value to the movie. As usual he looks smart and cool.

Nandha in a negative character looks credible.

Taapsee looks beautiful and liven up the proceeding s in the first half. But she cannot do much to lift the film, as she gets a poorly etched role to play with.

Santhanam proves his mettle once again but he has not been given enough screen space.

Thaman’s background music is quite enjoyable while Kanchana Mala… and Anjana Anjana… sound good.

Cinematography by P.G. Muthiah is outstanding, especially in the song sequences shot in Kerala.

Plus Points

Camera work, Santhanam, Thaman’s music and locations.

Minus Points

Weak script, lack of grip over the proceedings, and lack of strong characterisation for the lead pair.


Vanthaan Vendraan falls flat despite having a promising star cast and a different storyline thanks to a weak screenplay and half backed characterizations.

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