Vastadu Naa Raju movie review

Movie : Vastadu Naa Raju
Director : Hemanth Madhukar
Cast : Vishnu Manchu, Tapsee, Prakash Raj, Sayaji Shinde, Brahmanandam, Ali, Jeeva, Tanikella Bharani, Ajay Producer: Vishnu Manchu

Venky (Vishnu) is a boxer and leads a happy life. He accidentally meets Pooja (Tapasee), sister of a rowdy aspiring to become a politician Narasimha (Prakash Raj). Pooja and Venky are seen together at various occasions which gives Narasimha the wrong idea that they are in love. Under this assumption Narasinha attacks Venky`s family forcing Venky to retaliates.

Rest of the movie revolves around this conflict and the romance that develops between Venky and Pooja.

After Saleem, Manchu Vishnu who turned producer with this film took this career saving movie. He entrusted the job of directing to a newcomer Hemanth Madhukar, who tried to play the game safe by focusing more on comedy.

Vastadu Naa Raju provides some hilarious moments thanks to Brahmanandam and some punch dialogues. The movie is neither a full entertainer nor does it completely disappoint you. It is an okay movie.

Both the hero and heroine actually doesn`t meet each other till the interval but everybody is made to feel that they are lovers. The director has cleverly narrated this point till the interval. But he suddenly drops off the anchor later.

Vastadu Naa Raju has the glamorous Tapsee, some good comic dialogues, and rich visuals.

Vishnu has lost his weight drastically. He looks different from his earlier films and has given a sincere performance. He has also changed his modulation that sounds good. He still needs to improve his dancing skills.

Tapsee looks very glamorous in the movie, and her performance is also equally competent compared to her first film, Jhummandi Naadam.

Brahmanandam provides some good laughter. Prakash Raj is okay. Ajay has not much to do in the movie. Ali, Shiva Reddy, Satyam Rajesh make their presence felt.

Debutant director Hemanth Madhukar has picked up the right plot line but he doesn`t sustain the interest till the end. He loses track towards the climax.

The film could have been a good entertainer. Songs by Manisharma are catchy. S Gopal Reddy has shot the film on Red Camera and the visuals are strikingly rich.

Vastadu Naa Raju has an interesting plot and provides some good laughter but the movie lets you down as it progresses, especially the climax sequences are a big disappointment. Comedy and rich visuals are its strength.

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