Vedi Movie Review

Director: Prabhu Deva

Cast: Vishal Krishna, Sameera Reddy, Poonam Kaur, Vivek, Devi Sri Prasad and Sophie Choudry

Producer: G K Film Corporation – Vikram Krishna and Sriya Reddy

Music: Vijay Antony

Cinematography: R D Rajasekar

Editing: V T Vijayan

Release date: 30 September

‘Engeyum Kaadhal’ was a perfect romance for Prabhu Deva, and in contrast comes ‘Vedi’ in his direction!

‘Vedi’ tells the story of a young Police officer, Prabhakaran (Vishal), who goes to Kolkata in search of his sister, Deepa (Poonam Kaur)!

Prabhakaran, at his native Thoothukudi, had developed enmity with a local don by thrashing him in public and putting him behind bars.

The enmity gets travelled to Kolkata also where the don join another local ganster to take revenge on the police officer. The ‘baddies’ trouble the police officer’s sister and her friend, Paro (Sameera Reddy), who falls in love with Prabhakaran.

So, how the police officer defeats the baddies and joins with his sister is the action-packed climax of ‘Vedi’!

Vishal, after his powerful performance as squint-eyed effeminate in ‘Avan-Ivan’, comes as an action hero again! He romances, shows some sentimental emotions and ample actions. And, in those big stunt scenes this actor excels!

Sameera Reddy is just an addition to the cast, fulfills the formality of Tamil heroine by doing those romances and song dances. Otherwise, she has less scope for acting. Poonam Kaur is a surprise! She emotes well and if she improves her body language and acting skills she will go places.

Vivek’s comedy is a big relief to the audience that he does it with elan with the gags of his Balloon-body ‘8-packs’! Vishal joins him to tickle your bones.

Prabhu Deva has surely disappointed the audience. Why on earth he chose this story? Even the Telugu original, ‘Sauryam’ was not a big blockbuster too! Casting, romances and action sequences are good, otherwise!

Music of Vijay Antony is another disappointment! Songs don’t impress you but the background score escapes with those right beats!

One big plus of this ‘Vedi’ is the colourful visuals. Kudos to R D Rajasekar! Editing by V T Vijayan is another good work that has saved the film from going dragging!

Bharath, Jayam Ravi and Devi Sri Prasad make cameos.

This movie is for mass masala lovers and for others a big disappointment!

‘Vedi’ made that much ‘Noise’ (that of a bomb) while in making, and on its release you hear just the sound of a mini cracker! And, you hear only the sound!!

To enjoy and get entertained for 2 hours visit any of those theatres showing this film and get a ticket for this Sara’Vedi’!

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