‘Vedivazhipadu’ in controversy

vedivazhipaaduWith the Censor Board denying a certificate and the members of the crew expressing their anger the new movie produced by Murali Gopi and Arun Kumar Aravind was in news, the whole last week. “Reality has no Censor Board. And when it comes to cinema, you cannot even show a man smoking a cigarette in his residential toilet without scribbling a statutory warning on the screen,” argues Murali Gopy on social networking sites which has ignited much more discussions.

But the recent interview by the film’s director says another story. Shambhu the debutante who was surprised by the controversy takes it too lightly and seems to be in the thinking that the whole episode was over orchestrated. He raises the genuine doubt that the it is normal for the movie makers to approach a review committee when circumstances like that arise. He says that the movie doesn’t have much that can be cited as controversial.He also doesn’t have any exact idea about which part of the movie has offended the censors.

Shambhu Purushothaman’s words gives an air that the whole stories around the movie may be a publicity stunt by the marketing team. The initial posters of the movie also seems to have been designed to create controversy with tags such as “moralists please forgive”.

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