Vishudhan Movie Review

Vishudhan_movieIn a land where controversy sells more than condoms, Vyshakh’s Vishudhan (The Saint) could be a sensitive theme, especially for certain Christian groups. But as you sit there watching this movie, it will be evident that only a controversy can save this one!

The story begins with a priest named Sunny (Kunchacko Boban) coming to take charge as the vicar of a church in a village. He soon becomes popular in the area, actively involved in the functioning of an old age home. Sophy (Miya), a nun in the church, helps him in his activities.

But things suddenly go wrong, when the two join hands in taking on the wealthy businessman named Vavachan (Hareesh Peradi of ‘Left Right Left’ fame). We could go on and on spotting the lack of logic in the story, but we don’t want to play spoilsports for all those who want to watch it.

Beneath all the style and the pretentions, this one is a hollow drama with clichéd dialogues and plenty of familiar situations. The characters move along predictable lines and deliver dialogues in an old fashioned manner.

Vysakh, who has earlier made some masala entertainers, tries his hand at writing a serious plot but this one looks inane and unconvincing to the core. The visuals by Shahnad Jalal and Gopi Sundar’s music are good.

Kunchacko Boban has to look nice generally, which he does quite easily. Miya is fine. Hareesh Peradi, who was terrific in ‘Left Right Left’, hams it up big time performing as if on a stage. The rest of the cast has limited roles to play but Suraj Venjarammoodu has a role of a newbie junior artiste.

Vishudhan has been stylishly packaged, but with a weak storyline and shaky script, it tends to be an insipid affair. All you think about as clichéd scenes come one after the other is that when is this 132­minute film going to end! Watch it strictly at your risk please.

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