Vithagan movie review

Movie : Vithagan
Director : Parthepan
Producer : Manickam Narayanan
Music : Joshua Sridhar
Cast : Parthepan, Poorna, Milind Soman

Trying too hard to be cool, Vithagan starts promisingly and has the ingredients for a movie one would probably enjoy very much, but somehow they never come together. There’s a Kaakha Kaakha-style premise, in which an upright ACP tries to clean the city and take on the villains.

If the film manages to keep you hooked, it is those witty one-liners and clever dialogues by Parthepan, crisp editing by Antony and truly interesting twists. Joshua Sridhar’s music is another saving grace.

Rowdran (Parthepan) is an upright cop who is fighting not only the scums of the society but also his seniors who are hand-in-glove with the goondas. For this, he takes law into his hands and goes on an unstoppable killing spree wiping out the wanted criminals in police files, one by one in carefully planned operations.

But soon, the film goes from a legitimate thriller to a typical revenge drama without much warning. In a flashback, we are told that our orphan cop had a picture-perfect family which was wiped out by Badri (Milind Soman). And now to bring the don back from a foreign destination and take revenge, Rowdran who is put behind bars turns a goonda and joins Sena (another don) and takes on Badri.

Written and directed by Parthepan, this police story is painfully predictable, and offers nothing original especially the blood soaked climax. Mercy (Poorna) is an orphan who falls hook-line-sinker for our macho hero but has a sad end. Poorna is a fine actress with the right expressions and shows loads of promise. But sadly the right break is yet to come her way.

Parthepan is there is every scene and he carries the character of Rowdran in his own distinct style. But was there a need for that dream song or the last song where he shakes a leg with an item girl? Milind Soman as Badri who finally suffers from Delusional Disorder (!!) looks more like a caricature and is wasted

The film makes some interesting observations but doesn’t do it interestingly enough!

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