VKP May Try An Ithihaasam


Recently, popular director V K Prakash was excited and shocked about the number of projects announced on the net with him at the helm. The director who was just amazed to see his popularity among the new generation audience is currently working with the movie ‘Netholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla’, with Fahad Fazil in double roles.The director of hit movies ‘Beautiful ‘and ‘Trivandrum Lodge ‘, who but had a miscalculation with the recent ‘Poppins’ is said to harbor a secret desire- to film a movie based on the famous work ‘Khasakhinte Ithihaasam’ by O V Vijayan.

Lot many directors has tried their hands to film this movie in the past. But none of them has managed to go to any impressive length on the project. Now that V K P may attempt this project, it needs to be seen whether this National award winner for his debut film ‘Punaradhivvaasam’ can hold on to this dream and make it a reality. Let’s wait for V K P to respond…..

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