What Does the Nation Really Expect from the Royal Wedding?

The Nation is looking ahead in eager anticipation to the Royal Wedding, not only to see Kate Middleton’s wedding dress revealed but people are also holding their breath in the hope of other regal revelations….

Opinion Matters has carried out a fun survey to discover the Nation’s views surrounding the Royal Wedding and the support is truly there for Prince William and Kate Middleton. Not only do the majority of people (91%) agree that it is acceptable for Prince William to be marrying a commoner but they also voted for Ms Middleton as the most ideal future queen (30%), ahead of her step-mother-in-law to be The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles (6%).

There are those who delight in the potential mischief of others as over half (53%) of the Nation foresees Prince Phillip making a gaffe at the Royal Wedding while one fifth think Kate will trip up the aisle on her big day.

For those without an invitation we can only imagine what the Royal party will be like however 11% of the UK thinks Dancing Queen will be one of the songs played there and 21% can forsee Prince Harry being the last man standing at the wedding reception!

Only a quarter of people admit that they have planned to spend their extra day of holiday watching the Royal Wedding with women being twice as likely to do so as men who will most likely be found in the garden on their day off. Not everyone will have the opportunity to watch as one in ten expects to be working and a further 9% have planned to steal away for a weekend break.

With tickets in short supply for a number of forthcoming events, twice as many Brits claim they would rather attend the 2012 London Olympics (14%) than the Royal Wedding (7%). Based on this week’s applications it is hard to decide which event will be the harder one to get tickets for anyway!

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