Yevadu movie review

Cast: Ram Charan , Sruthi Haasan , Amy Jackson , Allu Arjun , Kajal , Sai Kumar and others
Directed by : Vamsi Paidipalli
Produced by : Dil Raju
Banner :Sri Venkateswara Creations
Music by : Devi Sri Prasad
Release Date : 2014-01-12

Yevadu Movie Review

Ram Charan’s latest film Yevadu is finally out in theaters after being postponed for too long due to various ‘external’ reasons. Charan chose to release this film for Sankranthi as he tasted a hit with Nayak last year in the same season. Yevadu team took the gamble of competing with 1 Nenokkadine and let’s see if it has paid off or not?

What is it about?

Satya (Ram Charan) is on a mission to avenge the death of his lover (Kajal). When Satya kills all of them responsible for his lover’s death, some stranger attacks him out of nowhere. Why is Satya being targeted and who he actually is? You will find the answers in Yevadu.


Ram Charan once again does a commercial potboiler after Racha and Nayak. Films like these don’t give much scope to tap the talent of a star. He is good in action sequences and confrontation scenes with Sai Kumar. Charan looks comfortable while doing mass oriented scenes and he is not up to the mark in light hearted scenes and romantic episodes. His dances in Freedom and Pimple Dimple songs are simply superb.

Allu Arjun did a vital but brief role. He is good in that action sequence where he brings the required intensity. Sai Kumar is good as the main villain. Choosing him is the biggest asset for this film. Any other routine face might have killed the enthusiasm. Heroines don’t have much to do. Kajal who did a five minute role got more chance to emote than Shruti and Amy. Jayasudha’s character will be remembered and LB Sriram helped for the drama factor.


Director Vamsi Paidipalli chose a novel theme and presented it in commercial format. The template used for this film is used in many movies in the past and it will be used again and again in the future. Director’s mark is seen in the second half where he elevates the protagonist. He made sure that the commercial points pay off with right impact.

Devi Sri Prasad is the soul of this film. His Background score plays a vital role in taking this film to the next level. Songs are good too. Cinematography is standard. Editing is alright. Dil Raju spent as per the requirements of the script.


Yevadu’s basic idea was borrowed from Face Off. It is not right to dig more into this as it may give away few key twists and turns in the film. Idea is good but there are some logical errors that may puzzle you if you keep your thinking cap on. Although Yevadu has a novel plot the treatment of the film is very routine.

First half of the film doesn’t excite you much as the revenge process falls flat. Charan using Amy’s character for avenging his girlfriend’s death is not justified. Using one of the heroines for this revenge is simply to accommodate a song and also pass time till interval. Other than that we don’t see any necessity of having Amy in it.

Interval block is good with a nice twist thrown in. Second half is high on mass elements. A strong villain, a cause for the hero to fight, villain having the upper hand for a while (anti climax) and later hero winning over the villain! This is a perfect template for a mass film and there are many scenes that will excite masses.

Second half also has the best choreographed and also the best composed songs. A commercially strong second half makes sure that the film doesn’t slip due to routine treatment. This film has good potential to score in B and C centers in particular. Ram Charan scored big with similar films Racha and Nayak. Chances are high for Yevadu to do commercially well like those two movies.

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