1 Nenokkadine movie review


Title : 1 Nenokkadine
Star Cast : Mahesh Babu, Kriti Sanon,…
Director : Sukumar
Producer : Achanta Ramu , Achanta Gopinath , Anil Sunkara
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Releasing on : Jan 10, 2014.

1 Nenokkadine telugu movie review

Sukumar is very wise. His ideals are quite different from others. How different it means is ….. the movie will be confused, if he makes the movie in a different mood. Should run along with him and should think alike him. The movies Arya, Jagadam, Arya 2, 100% Love…. are all in the same way. Sukumar made a habit of thinking in a different manner, very far from the general audience. That’s his Positive aspect. But now that positive aspect proved to be Negative, with his latest movie “1″. Frankly, the movie is very new and looks to be different.The Telugu audience has never seen such a different story previously and even Mahesh has never performed such a role earlier. But audience should be able to understand this new aspect. If it is like a sort of enigma, the movie tells us about the result.


Gautam (Mahesh Babu), a rock star. He rocks the audience with the musical world of his songs. He has some flash-back. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know the past. But haunted. He makes illusion that someone is going to kill him. In that aspect, he kills someone and surrenders himself. But the strange thing is that what he thinks he had killed someone is also an illusion.Doctors confirm that he has some mental illness. In this confusion, he leaves for Goa. There he comes across his illusioned chasing man(killidarj). Sameera (Kruti Sanan) who is a reporter follows Gautam. She tries to know about Gautam’s past. In Goa also, attacks take place on Gautam. There he understands, who are attacking him and why they are attacking him. Gautamki has a flash back. Someone killed her father. Now , they are trying to kill him. Gautam , now has two main issues. Who are his parents? Who killed them? How he came to know about these things? Who said about that? All these should be watched on the silver screen.

There is a lot of confusion in the story. You may not hold all of them immediately. So, we explained the story in this simple manner. This is a psychological thriller. Its an another angle of the Surya’s movie Ghajini. Ghajini forgets once for every 15 minutes. Here Gautam, feels the reality as an illusion and illusion as a reality. The story runs on this theme. There are a lot of riddles in this story, which really confused the audience.

In comparision to first half, second half is more confusing.It seems that Sukumar might have left his hold on the steering, in the confusion of driving the story. With this, the confusion still increased a lot. It is very funny, to see that nobody comes to the rescue , if a rock star runs and kills someone on the London roads. In a movie , we should not earn such logic, but for a intellectual like Sukumar, how it is possible to make a movie without such simple logic. The climax drama of the film,that took place between Nasser and Mahesh is still ridiculous. But, after all the Movie is about Mahesh, so anyway, audience will sit in the Theatre to see his Handsome face.

This is really the Director’s inefficiency. He is unable to understand how to utilise a Star like Mahesh. He should make movies with brillance.But ,if a movie is made with so much brillance, then it becomes a Kangali. As it is felt that the movie brings Sankranthi, two days before, now its great if it stays till Sankranthi.

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