100% Love Movie Review

Film: 100% Love

Starring: Naga Chaitanya,Tamannah Bhatia

Director: Sukumar

Producer: Bunny Vasu

Banner: Geetha Arts

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

100 % Love Movie Story

Balu (Naga Chaithanya) is an intelligent Engineering student and always aims to be the college topper. Maha Lakshmi (Tamanna) is Balu’s sister-in-law joins in the same college to pursue her studies well. Maha Lakshmi astonishes everyone in the college by getting top rank in the college and from than Balu and Maha Lakshmi become good competitors in studies. Here comes a character Ajith who also gives both of them a tuff competition in studies.

In order to divert Ajith from getting college 1st, Maha Lakshmi proposes him and diverts him from studies. In this turn Balu gets top rank in the college. As both of them are closely related, Balu and Maha lakshmi’s elders decide to do their marriage. But in one situation Maha Lakshmi praises Ajith and this irks Balu and asks her and her father to get out from his house. Will Balu change his mind and asks them to come back? Are Balu and Maha Lakshmi really in love? Is Maha Lakshmi initially in love with Ajith? Will they get married separately? How Balu gets close with Maha Lakshmi later forms the crux of 100% love.


Naga Chaithanya as Balu showed gigantic improvement in his acting skills. He expressed right expressions in each and every frame. Chaithanya’s body language and expressions elevated the character. With this film he is going to get his father’s name romantic hero but still needs some polish on dancing skills.Tamanna is undoubtedly the life of the project, she looked simply elegant and beautiful. She in-fact went into the skin of the character Maha Lakshmi and her performance in the film is admiring to a large extent. Tamanna is the show stellar in the film and she has lot of scope for performance, she did more than justice to her character.

Naresh gave an acceptable performance. Dhamavarapu Subramanyam keeps engaged all through the film. The rest of the cast suited their designed characters well enough.

Especially, the kids in the film gave an impact full and outstanding performance in the film.

Technical Analysis:

Music by Devi Sri Prasad is very good and it is the only asset that can be discussed about the film. All the songs are well picturised and they will hang on in your memory even after to come out from the screens. Cinematography by Prasad is okay as they are not great locales to be praised. Art direction is very good. Dialogues are first rated and they sound fresh to the ears. There are a few entertaining dialogues which will impress you a lot. Editing is okay. Production values by Bunny Vasu are of top class standard as each and every frame of the film looks rich. 100% love carries a routine story with only few different rudiments and the execution is little unique. The missing factors in the film will reduce the impact completely.

The positive signs of the film are Tamanna, direction, Kid’s comedy sequence, Music, First rated dialogues, back ground score, production values and cinematography. On the flip side, the film is dragged in the second half, the graph of the film is fluctuating and slides down with the proceedings and the negative shades of Naga Chaithanya in the second half.


The first half of the film is entertaining, enjoyable and surprising and keeps you glued to your seats with hilarious comedy sequences and fresh dialogues but the narration in the second half is slow paced, slacked and is some what predictable with a sentimental climax. Director Sukumar undoubtedly done a great job but if he would have worked much better in the second half, 100% love would have appealed in a bigger way. The film is not that good or that bad but will face a bit difficulty to satisfy all sections of audiences. You can watch the film for the Tamannah’s performance, dialogues, music and comedy scenes. 100% Love will appeal more of youth audiences while the family audiences will have mixed reactions. Overall, the film could be an above average grosser

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