Ragini MMS’s sequel planned

It is not even a week since ‘Ragini MMS’ is out, and receiving mixed reviews, producer Ekta Kapoor is already planning a sequel to the movie. A birdie says that since the movie was made with a very low budget of just a crore or so, and has fetched profits enough that inspired the producer for a sequel.

That’s not that, didn’t the original remind us all of ‘Paranormal Activity’ with cameras being set in the house and a bloodthirsty spirit in a killing spree? Well, looks like the sequel will remind us of ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ that showed events that happened before and led to the original movie.

In ‘Ragini MMS’ the ghost speaks to Ragini and tells that she is not a witch but will not leave the house nor will allow anyone leave the house alive, typical of a ghost, but the sequel will drive the audience to the happenings that led to the death of the woman. ‘Ragini MMS 2’ might have a higher quotient of scary and sex scenes, sources reveal. The sequel will explain the events that led to the first movie…

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