Ayyanaar movie review

Cast :Aadhi, Meera Nanthan, Visu Priyan, Santhanam, Jayaprakash, Anupama Kumar
Direction S.S. Rajamithran
Producer P.L. Thenappan
Music Thaman
Cinematography Sethu Sriram
Banner Sri Rajalakshmi Films’
Story S.S. Rajamithran

After the thrilling and stylish Eeram, Aadhi has become one of the hottest favourites in Kollywood today. Aadhi showed his ruffian avatar in Mirugam and then did the role of an intelligent cop in Eeram so now it’s time to establish him as a mass hero. And that’s what he has done in Ayyanaar.

Ayyanaar, an action-packed entertainer, revolves around a youngster and his love for his mother. The story begins in a village and soon moves to the city. Ayyanaar is primarily worshipped as a guardian deity who protects the rural villages and just like that Aadhi always tries to protect his family but in an unusual way. Ayyanaar is produced by P.L. Thenappan under Sri Rajalakshmi Films’ banner and directed by newcomer Film Institute alumnus Rajamithran. The film also brings back Malayalam actress Meera Nanthan (of Valmiki fame) in Kollywood.


The film revolves around Prabha (Aadhi), a happy go lucky youth and well-versed volley ball player, his brother Vishu Priyan (he has speech disorder; Stuttering), who always finds some fault in others and Prabha’s loving mother.


The film begins with Prabha burying his own brother in a deserted area. And then it’s time for the flashback! Prabha (Aadhi) has a never-care-for-anything kind of attitude. His way of expressing things are different because of which he ends up in trouble everywhere. It’s almost like troubles follow him wherever he goes. Prabha’s father and brother (Vishu Priya) doesn’t have a great opinion about him and according to them he is a useless vagabond. On the other hand Prabha’s brother is a much disciplined, well settled youth who works with a local TV channel as a cameraman. Prabha’s brother always tries to find fault on him which leads to lot of problems.

Prabha is also a great Volley ball player and he applies for a job in Railways under sports quota. In the meantime Prabha joins as a Volley ball coach in a local girls college, there he meets Anitha (Meera Nanthan) and obviously they fall in love!

Cut back to the present era! Prabha’s joins a local politician as a henchman, after killing the city’s top don! So why is he doing it? Did Prabha kill his own brother? Watch out Ayyanaar to get the answers! The film has many twists and turns especially in the second half and there is a big suspense waiting for you in the climax.



It’s Aadhi all the way and the actor has done it effortlessly. Aadhi has already proved his talent in Mirugam and Eeram but Ayyanaar definitely showcases heroic avatar. Aadhi’s physique and height works out very positively especially in the fight sequences. Undoubtedly he is one of the fastest rising stars in Kollywood today. Even in romantic and emotional sequences, Aadhi excels. Aadhi has also tried his hands on dancing! The scenes in which Aadhi talks like his bother are brilliant.

Another major highlight of the film is Visu Priyan, who enacts the role of a speech disorder person.

Meera Nanthan and Aadhi look great on screen, but unfortunately the talented actress doesn’t have many scenes to perform. She has done her part well.

Anupama Kumar and Jayaprakash, as Aadhi’s parents, look perfect for the role.

However Santhanam’s comedy track is very clichéd and fails to impress.


Songs composed by Thaman sounds good and ‘Paniye Paniye’ stands out. However we wonder why does all the commercial films have a kuthu number. Is it really necessary? Having a kuthu/rap song just for the sake of it is a bad trend.


Debutant Rajamithran has an impressive first outing, interestingly he has also written the story and screenplay for the film. However there is a continuity miss in some sequences, which creates confusion between the flashbacks and present scenes. The film’s first half is very gripping and interesting but in the second half there are too many sub plots which affects the pace of the film!


Cinematography by Sethu Sriram is impressive!


In spite of all these, Ayyanaar can be easily rated as one of the best commercial films in recent times. Kudos to director Rajamithran!

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