1,008 fans tonsure for Rajinikanth

Thanking the Lord for the speedy recovery of their superstar Rajinikanth, 1,008 fans tonsured their heads as an offering to Lord Murugan at Palani temple in Tamil Nadu. The mass head shaving ceremony was held three days ago by the members of various Rajinikanth fan clubs across Tamil Nadu. They also underwent a 48-day fast before they went to the temple.

Touched by the fans’ act, the superstar is now planning to visit the temple to pay his respects to the Lord and his fans. “Rajni sir is feeling much better now. When he heard about these fans, he was overwhelmed by their gesture. He surely plans to go to the temple when he is fit enough to travel,” a sources said.

Meanwhile, according to director K.S. Ravikumar, Rajinikanth starrer Rana will go on floors on October 3 at Ramoji Studios in Hyderabad, where two different sets (a palace and a ship) are already being constructed.

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