Shahrukh Khan – King of Romance

B-town Badshah Shahrukh Khan surely and truly deserves the tag of B-town’s romancer no.1. Look at this picture, doesn’t it say it all? The couple seems so much in love even after 19 years of marriage. SRK married the love of his life Gauri in 25 October 1991 and since then they have remain together in thick and thin.

The picture is perfect example for true believers in the spiritual course of love and every year they ensure that they are destined for each other.

The picture was taken during the marriage anniversary of Hrithik and Suzanne Khan recently.

Gauri and Suzanne are very close to each other and are best pals. Even SRK loves Hrithik a lot.

It was Hrithik Roshan who was the first to comment in support of Shahrukh during SRK’s spat with the Sena during the release of ‘My Name Is Khan’.

The couple had a lovely time together at Hrithik’s anniversary bash where the occasion became the heartwarming narrator of Shahrukh and Gauri’s love where the lovely couple enjoyed every moment of their company.

As we leave the King of Romance with his wife and must say that “We all love you Shahrukh… and we all are ‘touched’.”

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