Russian police takes Bips under custody!

Mumbai, Dec. 10 — It’s surely a bizarre experience. How else would you explain Bipasha Basu being taken to the police station in Russia while she was shooting for Abbas Mustan’s Players?

The story goes like this: Bipasha along with her Players co-star Sikandar Kher went out for an evening walk after shooting their portions in Russia. Eventually they reached a street where all the signage was in Russian. And even before they knew it, a police car pulled over by their side and took them to the local police station. The two actors, on their part, were left completely shocked.

Apparently, the street they were walking through was out of bounds for people in the evening for security reasons. But since all the signs on the street were in Russian, Bipasha and Sikandar couldn’t understand the warnings. As a result, they landed up at the police station.

On their arrival at the station, another officer recognised Bipasha from one of her movies and let them go realising that it wasn’t their fault.

In fact, the Russian policeman turned out to be Bipasha’s fan and even asked her for an autograph before she left. Once they realised that they were in Russia for a film shoot and didn’t mean to break any rules intentionally, the officers let them go and apologised to the actors.

Although Bipasha still doesn’t remember the street’s name, she laughs about the entire incident when reminded. “I remember when the other cop recognised that I am a Bollywood actor, he began apologising profusely. Although the entire incident shocked us initially, we have a good laugh about it even today. It was great fun actually,” says Bipasha.

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