John Abraham as good as Oracle Octopus

John Abraham’s football talk isn’t about flaunting his knowledge of the game. It’s clear now that the handsome hunk understands football better than many people would give him credit for.

Even before the FIFA World Cup in South Africa kicked off, John had predicted that Spain would go on to win the cup. Though bookies too backed Spain, doubts were raised after the Spaniards made a poor start in group stages. Later, Germans became everyone’s favourites. But John’s opinion didn’t change. He kept supporting Spain throughout the tournament.

Now that Spain has lifted the FIFA world cup, John’s prediction has come true. His girlfriend Bipasha Basu can’t stop raving about her beau’s clairvoyance.

“Why do I need to know (Oracle Octopus) Paul’s predictions, I have John the octopus! He predicted right from the start Spain would win. They did! Yay!” Bipasha exuberated on her Twitter account.

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