Bhagyanjali, the debut heroine is slightly different

A debut heroine has kissed lip to lip without any hesitation. These days even popular heroines are disinclined to kiss. It is still worse with the new heroines. They will start crying. There are instances where the new heroines go on weeping after acting in the kissing scenes. But Bhagyanjali, the debut heroine is slightly different. When she was mentioned about the kissing scene, she covered her face with her hands, but when director told the significance of the scene, she agreed. Nellu is a film which has Bhagyanjali in the female lead role. Sathya is pairing with this Kerala beauty. The film is directed M Sivashankar. The director in order to transform her as a village girl has made her stand in the sun for hours together to tan her fair skin. This film is based on an incident that took place some 50 years ago. He has added the kissing scene to make the romance in the film authentic.

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