A Pilot, Now an actor

Many professionals have quit their careers for the sake of their acting interests. Here is a person, who has flying as a pilot in Emirates Airlines and has now resigned his job for his insatiable passion for acting.
Michael Eshwar is his name and he made his debut with ‘Virundhali’. It seems that the film’s producer met him while flying through the same and signed him for his project. But Michael Eshwar says that he was earlier encouraged by producer Henry, who is now producing Mammooty-Arjun starrer ‘Vande Mataram’.

The actor says that he is so passionate about acting and will constantly look out for better scripts before signing them. In spite of the film ‘Virundhali’ not doing well at box office, the actor has won some good reviews for his performance. He has now completed shooting for the Hollywood Movie Dam 999.

Before getting into films, Michael has been a part of various commercial advertisements including AIRCEL and is now for his stunning physique.

‘As an actor, a person must maintain a good physique’ tots up Michael Eshwar…

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