‘Aag’ haunts RGV

Maverick film maker Ramgopal Varma must have made great films in Bollywood, but his ‘Aag’ continues to hog news print for being one of the worst movies in the history of Indian cinema. RGV remade Sholay with Amitabh Bachchan with the title RGV ki ‘Aaag’. The movie that released in 2007, bombed miserably at the box office and threw RGV’s career out of gear. Critics frowned at ‘Aag’ and tore the movie apart for being so stupid and unwatchable. Three years passed since this unbearable film hit the screens and still continues to haunt RGV.

RGV is upset that whenever critics write reviews and have to explain how bad a movie was, they cite ‘Aag’ as an example. Recently a lot of review writers brought up ‘Aag’ again while reviewing Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Tees Maar Khan’. RGV couldn’t stop but burst out on a social networking site on his movie being lynched even after so many years,

“Move over RGV ki Aaag, TMK is here. It is amazing that every time a film gets a bad talk, they dig up RGV ki Aag again” (sic) he posted on a site.

Poor Ramu, continues to pay price for making a movie that kept his fans away from theatres for years.

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