Sneha Ullal’s shooting woes

Sneha Ullal, who is currently busy with her shooting for a Kannada movie ‘Devi’,is suffering miserably during her shoots. She has been cribbing about lack of basic facilities for her during the shoots. Currently shooting at Honnavara in Karnataka, Sneha was given a pathetic hotel room to stay in. As if that is not enough, she has to travel four hours every day to reach her shooting spot.

She has been sobbing on social networking sites day and night about how worst her shooting experience is.

“Shoe bites, bleeding toe, broken nail, fever, back pain,under sun all day, slipped and injured my knee”, the actress posted on a social networking site.

A couple of days ago she vented out her outburst on being put up in a unlivable hotel room and swore she would rather sleep in her car than stay in the room.Sneha also complains of having to shoot in cold climate on uneven grounds.

“I miss home, this is too remote for me” she posted, Perhaps she should realise that being an actor is not always staying in caravans and star hotels.

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