Aamir a Big Fan of Rajni

Yes, we mean who’s not awed by the magnificent Rajnikanth and his famous antics. The Perfectionist who believes in serious business loves being going over top. His immense liking towards Rajini is a proof.Recently while speaking to a group of journalist, the actor admitted that Rajinikant is a phenomenon and nobody can match his stature.

He said, “Rajini sir, is a phenomenon, he is huge, he is unique, he is so popular, am looking forward for his ‘Robot’ with Aishwarya Rai.”

When asked about Dabaang which is making noise in Bollywood, Aamir said, “Yeah am looking to watch ‘Dabaang’, its hot and people are talking about it.”

The actor was happy with the appreciation his ‘Peepli [Live]’ has received from the masses, especially from the media, Aamir was glad that the media showed an open mind in accepting this film.

But why he kept silent on ‘Ra.One’… Well that’s anybody’s guess. Friends, “Cold war abhi baki hai mere dost.”

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