Aamir Khan writes to PM in support of Anna Hazare

Aamir Khan wrote to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asking him to pay ‘heed to the voice of Anna Hazare’, who has started a fast against corruption.

‘I am merely one of many who fully support Hazare, and have come to appreciate that this upright 72-year-old man is willing to sacrifice his life in the fight against corruption,’ wrote Aamir Khan, in his letter dated April 6, to the prime minister.

He said that his decision to support the campaign came after studying and comparing the drafts of the Lok Pal bill of the government, as well as that of the civil society.

‘I would like to humbly submit to you that based on all the material that I have read, what Hazare is saying makes a lot of sense to me,’ the actor wrote.

Khan described himself as ‘one of over billion citizens of this country who is affected by and most concerned about corruption’.

‘The last few months has witnessed some shocking exposes. In fact, our society has been plagued by this sickness over the last many decades. I am one of the many who feel that strong steps need to be taken as corrective measures,’ he said.

The wildly popular Hindi film actor said while the prime minister may know more about the issue, he had ‘absolutely no doubt that a man of your level of integrity will take all the strongest corrective measures needed to cleanse our society of this sickness’.

‘It is therefore with greater hope and all humility that I request you to pay heed to the voice of Anna Hazare,’ said Khan, pointing out that the nation was ’slowly, but surely’ collecting around the veteran social activist.

The actor also wrote to Hazare, giving his support to the cause.

‘You are an inspiration to the youth of this country and my prayers are with you,’ he said.

‘Like the country has supported the Indian cricket team in their struggle to win the World Cup, I hope and pray that your struggle, which infinitely more important and affects each and every one of us, will get an even greater support,’ added Aamir.

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