Aap Ki Khatir


Cast:Akshaye Khanna,Priyanka Chopra,Amisha Patel,Dino Morea,Sunil Shetty,Bhumicka SinghDirection:Dharmesh DarshanProduction:Champak Jain,Ratan Jain

DJ Akbar Sami comes out with his club mix style of DJ mixing the original soundtrack in the number “I Love for What You Are (remix)”. The raunchy vocals of Alisha and extra loud shouts of KK mix well with disco beats and give it a party feel.

MEETHI MEETHI BAATEIN – Himesh Reshammiya sidelines his contemporary Sufi pop and comes out with traditional “n” folk musical flavors in the soundtrack — “Meethi Meethi Baatein”. The emotionally excruciating vocals of Sunidhi Chauhan emote out with musical concoction of traditional Indian instruments. A routine Bollywood soundtrack where the girl narrates her heart felt emotions about her beloved. Kailash Kher and Jaspinder Narular’s brief vocal rendition in traditional Sufi and Punjabi folk works as sprinkler to this average number. It’s purely situational and should be well placed in the film to make things working.

Now this may sound strange but this average emotional soundtrack has been remixed to make it accessible for dance floors in the soundtrack “Meethi Meethi Baatein (remix)”. It hardly gives a party feel and simply accommodates in the album.

TU HAI KAMAAL – Kunal Gunjawala’s husky voice makes the most of it on the disco culture this time as pompous feel of dance floors can be felt in the soundtrack — “Tu Hai Kamaal”. The soft “n” free flowing flute, rhythmic Sarangi along with keyboard generated beats , welcomes the spirit of youthful desires on the dance floors. Despite upbeat musical setting the lyrics are ordinary with Kunal’s voice lacking the desired punch. Kunal’s high point has been in soft romantic mushy soundtracks and it would be better if either Shaan or KK was given the job. Even the sultry feminine backup whimpers and male chorus sound out of proportion.img181/3585/aap2508061ay9.jpg

DJ Akbar Sami stresses out with loads of beat-juggling and scratching in the soundtrack — “Tu Hai Kamaal (remix)”. The extra strenuous with repetitive loud drum beats and sounds is monotonous and dull.

AFSANA – After successful plagiarizing Pakistani Sufi Pop music, Himesh Reshammiya tries to rejuvenate Bollywood’s old soundtracks with peppy and upbeat feel. Initially, it was “Ae Meri Zohrajabeen” (‘Waqt (old)’) that was recreated in ‘Phir Hera Pheri’ and now it’s “Afsana Likh Rahi Hoon” (Noorjehan’s evergreen song) into “Afsana”. Himesh Reshammiya’s loud pitched voice with peculiar nasal twang emotes out “Afsana Ban Gaya Hoon Main Tere Pyar Ka….”. In all respects this number scores better than the last few tracks but lacks the desired innovation to stir pop genre. It has the Reshammiya’s stamp of music – rhythmic Sarangi, keyboard techno beats and electric guitar strums to carry the song till the end. An above average soundtrack that can be played occasionally but otherwise it’s must for Reshammiya’s fans.

DJ Akbar Sami cuts the loud chorus “Always on my mind” and juggles well with disco beats in the number “Afsana (remix)”. The regular scratching, delays and disc spins give it an upbeat disco feel.

KEH DO NAA – Melody finally strikes! It comes with smoothening “n” silken emotions woven in honey melted vocals of Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan in the soundtrack “Keh Do Naa”. Sweet serenity flows with mellifluous flow of soft music and effective vocals to make it special for lovable evenings. The delectable use of saxophone, free flowing flute and romantic electric guitar strums mixes well to give it a nostalgic romantic charm. Sameer’s lyrics suit the occasion and make the best use of passionate phrases and one-liners to emote romanticism.

The mood is electrified as the techno-beats juggles between the lyrics to give it a thumping feel in the number “Keh Do Naa (remix)”. The original soundtracks scores better than the remix but still it can be an addition to the DJ’s collection.

TU HI MERA – The album concludes with rendition of Himesh Reshammiya’s loud pitched vocals in the soundtrack — “Tu Hi Mera”. It’s a funky number about feminine adulation in the Reshammiya style that can be heard in recent times. Besides loaded with techno-beats it fails to excite. It’s time for Himesh Reshammiya to rejuvenate his style otherwise overdose of similar tracks will decimate his fan following.img120/3750/aap2508063xs0.jpg

New budding talent Himani does the honor of delivering “Tu Hi Mera” in loud and raunchy manner. The new voice hardly entertains and with its loud rendition sounds cacophonous and boring. It disappoints!

“Tu Hi Mera (remix)” opens with sensuous female whimpers followed with low paced racy music and finally high voltage music. Himesh Reshammiya’s voice moves with gyrating pace of DJ beat-matching and rhythm juggling. It’s another fine piece of DJ work by DJ Akbar Sami.

‘Aap Ki Khatir’ is collage of Himesh Reshammiya’s best works in recent times but sometimes excess of everything is bad. The album is flooded with 16 original soundtracks and many of them sound repetitive. The audio sales will boom if the film succeeds in hitting the jackpot at the box-office otherwise it’s a treat for Himesh Reshammiya’s fans.

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