Aarakshan movie Official Trailer

Aarakshan is the story of Prabhakar Anand (Amitabh Bachchan), the legendary idealistic principal of a college that he has single-handedly turned into the state’s best. It is the story of his loyal disciple, Deepak Kumar (Saif Ali Khan) who will do anything for his mentor, of Deepak’s love for Prabhakar’s daughter, Poorbi (Deepika Padukone) and his friendship with Sushant (Prateik). It is the story of their love, their dynamic friendship, their zest for life and of their dreams for the future.

Centered on one of the most controversial issues of recent years, with the Supreme Court’s order on reservations, the story suddenly becomes a rollercoaster ride of high drama, conflict and rebellion, which tests their love and friendship for one another, and their loyalty to Prabhakar Anand.

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