Action Replayy movie preview

The magnum production ‘Action Replayy’ is all set to hit the silver screens across India this Diwali. Vipul Shah who dons both the hats of the director as well as the producer is certainly taking no chances this time. ‘Action Replayy ‘is likely to be screened in over 1800 theaters on the auspicious Diwali weekend which is considered to be doubly lucky by the Bollywood brigade.

The storyline itself is slightly offbeat deviating from the more traditional Bollywood fare that are churned out at regular intervals. This one takes the help of science which lands the lead romantic pair into the seventies. The wooing of the lovely Aishwarya Rai by a seemingly reluctant and gauche Akshay is expected to provide most of the entertainment here.

The protagonists find themselves to be a part of the bygone era and the film gives them an excuse to go retro with a vengeance. Based very loosely on the ‘Back to the Future’ theme, Bunty (Aditya) who plays the son of the lead pair finds himself wishing that he could settle for peace and harmony instead of listening to the constant bickering of his parents. His commitment phobia arises out of the fear of finding himself in the same boat while professor Anthony Gonsalves , his girlfriend’s grandfather is adamant that he marry Tanya or forget her completely. Pushed to the wall, Bunty then takes a journey down time hoping to arrange a love match between his parents.

‘Action Replayy ‘has all the ingredients of a blockbuster movie and Shah is definitely keeping his fingers crossed while stating that he will let the people decide for themselves.

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