Actor Karthi Mobbed At Kabbadi Match

Actor Karthi is busy with the upcoming Alex Pandian which is his next release. The shoot of the film which has the heroine, will continue with Anushka, once she is back from Georgia. However in the meantime, looks like Karthi has his hands full with other things as well.

The actor was recently spotted in Udumalpet in Coimbatore district and the occasion was a tournament finals to select the  junior team of men and women for the state levels, for the  sport of Kabaddi. The actor had been invited for the finals of the event which are held at district levels every year by the state’s Amateur Kabaddi associations.

Says Karthi about his presence at the event, “ Kabaddi is a sport of our state and is widely popular all over. Its wonderful to see the enthusiasm it generates everywhere amongst the participants and spectators especially in the smaller villages. When they invited me for the finals, I accepted gladly as I think such a special sport should be encouraged and given more recognition.”

However, though the crowds enjoyed the sport along with the Saguni star, his popurlarity got the better of him. Apparently, before he could hand out the prizes for the finals, the crowds became so huge and started mobbing him, that he had to leave. Looks like both Kabaddi and Karthi got a lot of attention that day!

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