Aishwarya – No ‘kahani ghar ki’

While her glam, shine and her success is in open for all to relish, when it comes to her private life Aishwaray Rai Bachchan doesn’t want to be a fodder for media.
The Bachchan Bahu was said to have been approached by a Hollywood studio, for a documentary project on her striking lifestyle. The $1 Million (Rs. 5 crores) project was in similar format to the one which was made on B-town’s Badshah Shah Rukh Khan. However our light-eyed diva gave a polite ‘no’ for the project, when she was informed that a foreign crew would follow her for a week to capture her personal life.

Aishwarya was completely against the idea to let anyone shoot her at home. The actress had been adamant on her decision even after being wooed by the production officials for several months.

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