Ajith gets a new toy!


Celebrities in film industry are well known for their penchant for fancy cars and two-wheelers. Their glamorous quotient has always been associated with the envious set of wheels owned by these superstars.

Thala Ajith’s who is known for his love for bikes has got a new toy. Though he does not race any longer on health grounds, the star has the most impressive collection of speed cars and motorbikes.

One of Ajith’s fan sites has reported that the actor has purchased the latest super bike BMW S1000RR. It is the very latest from BMW and is state-of- art bike.

The red coloured BMW bike was delivered at Ajith’s Valmiki Nagar bungalow near Thiruvanmayur in Chennai. So don’t be surprised if you see Thala take a spin on his new bike on ECR.

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