Ajith wants to play Villain to Rajini

Imagine if Rajinikanth were the hero of the film and Ajith were the villain, how would it be? This is not only the dream of fans but this is the dream of Ajith himself. Ajith is a huge fan of the Superstar that he wants to be thrashed by the Superstar himself.

Ajith played a baddie in Mankatha as we all know. In Billa-2, Ajith will play another character with negative shades. Rajinikanth played Billa in the original version. Ajith played Billa in the remake version. From the days of Vaali, it is well known negative characters suited Ajith after Rajinikanth.

After Rajinikanth, Ajith is the only one who plays villain character with a lot of zeal and style. Ajith can play both hero and villain which gives him a slight edge over other heroes who always play goody-two-shoes.
So now, what if Ajith and Rajinikanth come together? It is Thalaivar versus Thala. Tamil cinema will get to taste a never before feast, if this materializes. Ajith wants to play villain when Rajinikanth plays hero. This is such a feast. If fans expect, it may come true, as we don’t know what will happen in the film industry. Yet, it can remain only as a dream for both Rajinikanth and Ajith fans!

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