Akshara Hassan Dating Sri Lankan ?

Akshara Hassan, Kamal Haasan and Sarika’s younger daughter is all butterflies now as she is in love now. The young lady is dating Jason Jeyaseelan, a Sri Lankan boy based in Colombo.

Source close to Akshara Haasan and Jason says that they met each other through a common friend and they have been dating each other more than a year and their love is going on perfectly.

Akshara Haasan is living with her mother Sarika in Mumbai and she is great dancer too and all she aspires is t o become a choreographer but the lady is currently working with ads as an assistant director

Sources reveal that, the couple Akshara Hassan and Jason Jeyaseelan are very open enough to show their love to all including social networking sites. They even share pictures on the sites.

A look at the networking site reveals that the two are comfortable expressing their feelings for each other publicly. Like other couples on such sites, they too have nicknamed each other Akshu and Zayn. Aw! Told daddy, Akshu?

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