Akshay-Ash turn 50 plus for ‘Action Replayy’

It is a known fact that Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan would be seen in a retro avatar, courtesy the 70s setting of ‘Action Replayy’. However, what is not known to many is that the duo would also be seen as an aged couple in the current times. While Aishwarya would be seen as a 55 year old lady, Akshay would be donning the persona of a 60 year old man. Also, they won’t be making a flash appearance in this look and would actually have a few substantial scenes to establish their relationship as a couple that has been married for decades.

Confirms Vipul Shah, the maker of ‘Action Replayy’, “Akshay and Ash were the only people whom I could see as playing an old couple that looked good even at that age. With Akshay, I have worked in four films earlier so I knew that it would be fun. As for the leading lady, I wanted someone who would look good not just as a 20 something girl from the 70s but also turn into someone who could play the role of a mother. Other than Ash, I couldn’t think of anyone else who could do justice to such a role with grace and elan.”

Those who have seen the rushes (where Akshay and Ash play an aged couple) of the film do vouch for the fact that they do indeed look convincing. Come 5th November when the film releases all over and it would be out there for the audience to pass their verdict as well.

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